Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy- New Treatment Methods That Work

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is characterized by pain, burning, pin and needles, numbness, a thick feelingof the feet and lower legs and many other descriptions of abnormal sensations. Impaired balance becomes an issue as the neuropathy progresses. Peripheral sensory neuropathy can affect the lower legs and feet as well as the arms and hands. Contact our office in Myerstown, PA for more information.

Neuropathy is most often associated with conditions such as diabetes, chemotherapy treatment, the use of statin drugs and entrapment syndromes in which nerves are pinched in the spine. There are many other causes of neuropathy; however these are the most common causes seen in our office.

What Causes Neuropathy to Develop?

Neuropathy in most cases is caused by lack of good microcirculation to the tiny blood vessels in the hands and feet. As the circulation in those tiny blood vessels begins to decrease the nutrition and nourishment to the nerves diminishes and
the nerves start to become damaged and begin to die.

In the case of compressive neuropathies (pinched nerves in the spine).

Decreased disc spacing, bulging and herniated discs and spinal stenosis cause pressure on the nerve roots that exit the spine and travel down the legs to the feet. The longer the pressure is on the nerve roots the more pain, numbness, tingling and weakness will develop.

Drugs and neuropathy, drugs such as gabapentin, cymbalta and pain medications have been prescribed to treat neuropathy. They tend to help in the beginning, however many times they become ineffective and can cause
gastrointestinal stress and dependency.

Our Neuropathy Program Addresses The Causes Of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a tough condition to treat. Some cases improve quickly, others may take months. Left alone the symptoms of neuropathy will worsen.

*All treatment used in our office are FDA cleared medical devices to improve circulation and restore normal nerve impulse conduction.


Class 4 laser Neurolumens PEMF Nutrition Vibration

For spinal compressive neuropathies;

Spinal decompression therapy to reduce nerve root pressure.

Spinal and extra-spinal joint manipulation to reduce pressure on spinal and peripheral nerves.

Support products to stabilize spinal and joint problems causing nerve compression.

Exercises to strengthen muscles and improve circulation.

In office treatment consists of some or all of the above mention treatments. Treatment frequency and duration is based on our neuropathy severity examination score which grades the severity of the neuropathy.

Our office provides a complimentary consultation to anyone with neuropathy symptoms to see if our program can help!

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